About us

We are Claire and Matthew. We live in the South West Region of Western Australia with our 3 kids and a Pug.
For 6 years we have been importing homewares to sell all over Australia under our Wholesale Business Mes Homewares. This has recently introduced us to the world of Pottery fashion which is currently being used in Europe and the United States.

Our homewares are dictated by current fashion trends and the international colour guide Pantone.  We have seen this start in the clothing industry and then follow on through to homewares and now pottery.

Pottery is no longer restricted to the garden. Pots can make bold architectural statements or a pretty pop of colour in your home. We then thought that we could create a concept of combining the two.  So The Pottery Boutique was born. The Pottery Boutique offers a mixture of fashion in Homewares and Pottery.

We are very excited about the products we have found  and can't wait to share them with you. We are the owners, designers, importers and the operators- so we would love nothing more than to see you in store!