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Olla pots are a type of irrigation system used in gardening.

size 3 litre Dia 17cm h 27cm base 6cm

Olla irrigation is an ancient method that involves burying unglazed "low fired" clay pots, in the soil near plants. These pots gradually release water into the surrounding soil, providing a slow and efficient way to water plants. 

The best plants that suit Olla pots are string / fibrous roots - examples include: corn, salad greens, herbs, beans etc ... even fruit trees and shrubs. Lots of other plants suit too. Tap-root plants (like carrots, beetroot etc.) are not the best option for Olla Pots.

Here's how an Olla Pot works:

Bury the Olla Pot: Bury the unglazed clay pot in the soil with their neck or opening exposed above the ground, so you can re-fill.

Fill the pots with water -- the porous nature of the clay allows water to seep out into the soil over time.

Slow Watering: As the soil around the buried Olla pot dries out, water is drawn from the pots into the surrounding root zone of the plants. This provides a consistent source of moisture, reducing the frequency of manual watering needed.

Efficiency: Olla irrigation is efficient because it minimizes water wastage due to evaporation or runoff. It also helps in preventing overwatering and allows plants to access water as needed.

Plants to Use With Olla Pots: Olla pots are particularly useful for plants that prefer consistent moisture, such as vegetables, herbs, and certain flowers.